Windows Password Recovery Ultimate

Windows Password Recovery Ultimate Version 8.16 Free trial

Manage your Windows passwords, including password backup and recovery

Getting stuck without remembering your Windows' passwords can be quite frustrating. Without mentioning lost time due to the fact that you're not able to do things, if you're not too proficient you would probably go seeking help from someone that know their way a bit better in the world of computers, again, spending more precious time and sometimes even money.
That is, unless of course, you put Windows Password Recovery Ultimate to good use.
By solely burning a bootable CD, DVD or USB Flash drive you will be able to reset Windows local passwords and domain passwords, change these passwords, or create new passwords. This compact utility supports Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP and 2000 versions and Server 2000, 2003(R2) and 2008(R2) versions. This tool is quite easy to use and both novice and proficient users will find it easy to operate as well as efficient to implement.
So instead of finding yourself in the unpleasant situation where you can't seem to remember your Windows passwords and find yourself limited by this fact, try using this compact utility that's bound to make your life easier in such occurrences.
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